Longi Solar Panels

Longi Solar Panels

Established in 2000, LONGI Solar is a leader in the solar technology industry, with innovation and sustainability as its core values.   Headquartered in Xi’an, Shaanxi, China, LONGI is recognized as having the highest market value for solar panels. They accomplish this recognition by continually reinvesting in their technology R&D. 

The PERC technology utilized in the PERC cell has a passivated rear side and a laser grooving process to improve cell efficiency.   An AI grid replaces the bifacial PERC cell’s AI back surface field.  This will render the rear side transparent to absorb light and generate energy from both sides of the panel.  Both the PERC cell and the Bifacial PERC cell have a high energy yield by having a low irradiance, power temperature, and operating temperature.  Besides, a first-year power warranty of more than 98% is standard. 


There are two series of solar panels available.  All solar panels use the M6 standard wafer and offer high-efficiency PERC cells with low LID and LeTID, producing excellent energy yield performance.  The solar panel’s half-cut technology hot spot temperature is reduced by 10-20 degrees making the solar output power improved.  All of LONGI’s solar panels have a 30-year warranty, which sets the standard in the industry. 

Now let's take a look at each Longi Solar Panel in their lineup.

1. Hi-MO4 Series – These are high powered, Mono PERC half-cut solar panels.

A. Hi-MO4 – Monofacial solar Modules are residential solar panels. They have a half-cut cell technology that enables higher power and lower hot spot temperature.  They use the M6 standard wafer part of the assembly line upgraded to 9BB.  This unique parallel connection yields more energy. 

B. Hi-MO4 – Bifacial solar modules are commercial grade solar panels. They are high powered panels with low LID and possess all the advantages of the Monofacial solar modules.


2. Hi-MO3 Series – These are Mono PERC half-cut solar panels.

A. Hi-MO3m – These Monofacial solar modules are both residential and commercial solar panels. These cells have 6BB for better collection ability. The parallel connection design yields more solar energy when shading is an issue.

B. Hi-MO3 – Bifacial solar modules are commercial grade solar panels. These high powered, high energy solar panels yield cell efficiency of more than 22% and are anti-LID and anti- PID.


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