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Consumers have a plethora of options today regarding where and how they make purchases. For example, you can search and shop online for anything from groceries to houses, and sourcing a local solar company is just a click away. But, as you research and shop online, you will see many enticing (too good to be true) offers; however, many of these offers won’t be from a local solar company, or trustworthy companies, for that matter. As a residential and commercial solar company operating in Texas, we’ve witnessed many people have regrets about choosing unscrupulous companies. 

Here are just a few reasons why hiring a local solar panel company is a better option for you as you consider installing solar panels on your home.

Local Policies, Laws, and Regulations

Installing solar panels as an energy source for your home is not as simple as it may seem; it’s far from installing a new shower head on a Sunday afternoon. There are laws and building codes to understand, permits, not to mention the management of your existing utilities during the installation process. And the installation process itself takes experienced and knowledgeable professionals to complete successfully. 

A local solar company will understand your specific needs and have well-established relationships in your community to aid in keeping the whole process smooth and not fall into any avoidable pitfalls. Local solar companies will be familiar with local government rebates, regulations, and incentives for homeowners who choose renewable energy options. 

Understanding Local Area Architecture, and Climate

Regional architecture and climate affect solar energy choices. A local solar panel installation company will have an understanding of your area from a professional perspective and a resident’s perspective. Solar installation professionals who live and work in your area will better understand your solar energy needs. Therefore, they can offer sound advice regarding solar panel choices for your home.

No Middlemen

Online comparison sites offering “low prices” often operate as middlemen, selling solar solutions for your home before handing off your sale to other companies for installation. Middleman sales like this may require you to coordinate your own solar panel installation process. A process like this can potentially cost more in the long run and become a huge hassle. Hiring a local solar company to help you from start to finish lets you avoid the middleman and headaches – local companies will keep things simple and offer full-service solutions, not force you to coordinate the project yourself. 

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