LG Pro Badge Awarded to Sunshine Renewable Solutions

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LG Pro Solar Panel Installer

This badge represents our commitment to providing our customers with the best options that fit their needs and budgets.  Our partnership with LG, a trusted global icon with over 30 years of experience in the solar industry, shows our commitment to partnering with only the best solar companies in the industry.  The LG solar panels are uniquely designed to offer superior quality, field-tested performance, durability, and reliability.  Also, these are backed by a 25-year warranty. 

Working with a LG Pro badge

Working with a LG Pro badge contractor will bring peace of mind to going solar.  Sunshine Renewable Solutions is a top qualified, professional solar installer in Texas.  We are headquartered in Houston, TX, but offer local solar offices in all major cities in Texas; they include Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, El Paso, and Amarillo.  We provide site visits to review the project hands-on with you.  We will discuss panels, installation, and a savings forecast with a timeline for those savings. 

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While we will go over your initial questions, such as how many panels will I need, we will deep dive into the factors that will help us answer that question.  How many panels you need will depend mainly on two main factors: power and production. Items that we will go over will be the following:

  • What percentage of your electric bill do you hope to offset with solar energy?
  • How much electricity do you use in an average month?
  • How much sun does your area receive?
  • Does your state/utility offer Net Metering?
  • Will your installation include battery storage?
  • What are the maximum power output and efficiency of the solar panels you will install?

LG solar panels’ efficiency rating of a solar panel varies by panel type. LG Solar’s goal is to manufacture high efficiency to provide LG customers with a solid return on their investment.  They accomplish this by producing more watts of electricity per watt of sunlight than solar panels with lower efficiency rates.  They are constantly innovating new technologies that boost their solar products’ output and efficiency.

Their panels consist of the LG NeON 2 BiFacial, LG NeON 2, and the LG NeON R.  Let’s take a look at each.

  1. LG NeON® 2 BiFacial Panels and Double-sided Generation – LG Solar’s 72 cell BiFacial solar panels are a commercial product designed to absorb irradiance from both the front and back sides of the cells thanks to a transparent back sheet. The dual faces of the cell allow for higher energy generation. The increased kWh/kW leads to a faster payback time and return on your investment. The reactiveness of the surface on which the panels are installed can help boost output and efficiency.
  2. The NeON® 2 and Cello TechnologyTM – The NeON® 2 is LG Solar’s best-selling solar panel, thanks to its high-efficiency rating and high-power output, outstanding durability, and aesthetically pleasing design. LG Solar’s NeON® 2 panels incorporate a technology called Cello (Cell connection with Electrically Low loss, Low stress, and Optical absorption enhancement) TechnologyTM. Cello Technology uses 12 circular wires in each cell instead of the usual busbars. The circular wires scatter light effectively, improving light absorption. Then, the 12 wires reduce electricity loss because of the increased number of pathways available to absorb electrons. These additional pathways for the free-flowing electrons translate to more electricity produced per absorbed watt of sunlight—and that means higher efficiency levels.
  1. The NeON® R and Back Contact TechnologyTM – The NeON® R is LG Solar’s high-power luxury panel featuring 21.4% efficiency thanks to our newly developed Back Contact Technology. The advanced cell structure of the NeON® R locates all of the panel’s electrodes on the backside, reducing power loss resulting from shading. This boosts the panels’ capacity for light capture and overall efficiency. As with the NeON® 2, the electrons absorbed by NeON® R panels are funneled into numerous pathways instead of the usual three to reduce power loss and increase power output.

Sunshine Renewable Solutions is proud of the LG Pro badge and the continued partnership with the LG solar panel products.  If you would like to learn more about LG solar panels installations in Texas, please contact one of our local solar provider offices today.

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