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Katy Solar Installer

Ready to Go Solar in Katy, TX?
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Katy, TX, located west of Houston, TX is one of Houston’s fastest growing cities.  Known for its sprawling land and new homes popping up daily, Katy, TX is a great place to raise a family.  One important aspect to consider for your new home is solar.  Now is a great time to take your residential home in Katy solar!

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Why Go, Solar?

Solar energy is a renewable energy that will provide your home with clean energy that is produced by the sun.  The sun’s energy will work for you to help reduce your carbon footprint.  While reducing your carbon footprint, you will also be less reliant upon the electricity company.  The dependance could even be zero and you can even sell your energy back to the electric company.  Ready to learn more about going solar in Katy?

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How Does Solar Work?

Solar energy is produced from shine, which Katy has plenty!  The sun’s light is converted into energy by solar panels. Those solar panels have a direct current (DC) electricity. That electricity is then channeled into a solar inverter.  The inverters job is converting that DC electricity from your solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity.  AC electricity is what is usable in your home.  You use the electricity you need, and if there is excess, it is sent back to the grid while monitoring your phone’s performance.

Solar Products

Products for solar panel systems are ever evolving.   It is imperative to stay on the forefront of this technology to ensure you are getting the best in market products for your project.  Working with a licensed solar panel installation company, you will have access to the latest products as they have already done all the research and have partnered with only the best options. Here are the solar products we have partnered with for solar panels, solar inverters, and battery backups.

Solar Panels companies we have partnered with are the following:






Mission Solar Energy

Silfab Solar



Solar inverter companies we have partnered with are the following:

Solar Edge





Yashawa Solectria Solar

Solar battery backup companies we have partnered with are the following:





Solar Installer in Katy

Sunshine Renewable Solutions is a Houston based solar installation company that has done many solar panel installation projects  in Katy.  SRS offers a turnkey solution for taking your Katy home solar, starting with a free consultation.  During this consultation, we will deep dive into your goals with going solar.  This will allow us to provide you with a customized quote and show you the savings solar will provide your Katy home. 

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