Is Solar Saving Texas? Essential Aid for the Insufficient Grid

is solar saving texas

Is solar saving Texas from energy droughts? Let’s take a look at the data. Texas is the second largest state in the U.S. by land area; it covers 261,914 square miles and is the second most populated state. The Lone Star State is home to an estimated 29,527,941 people, according to a July 2021 estimate. What’s more, Texas is the fifth-fastest growing state in population! 

According to World Population Review, Texas is adding over 1,000 new residents daily, and these people need energy. The Texas climate creates a high demand for air conditioning, and Texas solar power can be part of the solution to growing energy demands. Here are a few reasons why solar can help save Texas from an energy crisis. 

Is Solar Saving Texas? – Power Grid Demands

Those who live in Texas know how hot it gets in the summer. Houston is the most populated city in Texas and is home to over 2.3 million residents. August is the hottest month of the year, with average high temperatures reaching 93.6 degrees. That’s a lot of people that need air conditioning! This high demand for cooling can strain the power grid that uses traditional energy sources. Fortunately, the same sun creating the summer heat also provides ample sunlight (UV rays) to energize solar panels. 

Is Solar Saving Texas? – Solar Can Help the Grid

At scale, solar power can help save the grid. It does this by becoming most efficient on the most needed days. Andrew Dessler, the director of the Texas Center for Climate Studies at Texas A&M, put it best: “The good thing about solar is it really does match AC demand. Days that are really hot and sunny are the days you’re making the most power from solar energy.”

Moreover, solar array systems can collect solar energy during the day before being converted and stored for later when needed. This process can work at scale, but It can also work for residential solar arrays.

Is Solar Saving Texas? Why You Should Consider Solar Energy

In February of 2021, an energy crisis in Texas left millions of Texans without power. If the grid fails because of poor infrastructure or natural disasters, homeowners with the best solar battery backup systems will have the energy to live on throughout the outage. 

Solar panels collect sunlight and generate energy; however, you can store solar energy generated from your solar panels throughout the day with lithium-ion batteries. 

Adding a battery bank to your solar array can help you save money on energy costs and be best prepared in case of an emergency. So, is solar saving Texas? It’s absolutely helping to meet the demand of a grid that it beyond its capacity. 

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