How Long Do Solar Panels Last in Texas?

how long do solar panels last

How Long Do Solar Panels Last in Texas?

If you’re interested in going solar, you might wonder how long solar panels last before breaking down. Are they like cars? Can you expect 5-10 years out of them? Or do solar panels last decades?

While it can be difficult to determine an individual solar array’s energy output year over year, they can last for several decades and perform well into the end of their lifespan. Here’s what you need to know about the longevity of solar panels and why Texas is perfect for renewable energy.

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

Generally, the average solar panel can last up to 25-30 years. Even so, the solar panel may continue producing optimal amounts of energy after its 25-year mark. However, once it reaches this point, it’s more likely that the solar panel’s energy production will not meet the energy requirements the home is accustomed to. 

Solar panels can last for decades, even under the harshest conditions. If they are damaged, it’s typically the result of poor installation or severe weather conditions/accidents. 

What is a Solar Panel Degradation Rate?

A solar panel degradation rate refers to the measurement of change seen in its energy production with each passing year. In 2012, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) conducted a study that found that an average solar panel’s energy output decreases by 0.8 percent yearly. 

This study should serve as a general guideline, as it isn’t a definitive point of measurement. Solar panel degradation can also depend on the quality of the solar panel and at what point it was manufactured. It would be unfair to gauge the lifespan of brand-new solar panels against those produced in the early 1990s, as technology has evolved to make them more efficient.

How Long Do Solar Panels Last – Texas Weather Conditions

What makes Texas great for solar panels? Simply put, it’s a very sunny state and experiences many weather conditions ranging from sub-tropical climates to sweltering heat. The state’s primary severe weather concerns revolve around hurricanes, droughts, and occasional tornadoes. 

Texas winters range in temperature from highs of 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the Rio Grande Valley to cold fronts that can bring it down to 30 degrees. In other words, its hot and sunny conditions make it the ideal place for solar panels. 

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How Long Do Solar Panels Last in Texas?

Renewable energy has become increasingly important for the state of Texas. Extended blackouts during storms or high-energy months have made solar panels a more reliable option for commercial and residential property owners.

So, how long do solar panels last in Texas? Although the oldest generation of Texas solar panels is in their 30s, it’s difficult to say how long they last within the state on average. What can be said is that renewable energy technologies are continually evolving, meaning the average lifespan should continue to grow with each passing year. 

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