How Does Solar Energy Help the Community?

How Does Solar Energy Help the Community?

How Does Solar Energy Help the Community?

Solar energy is a viable, clean, and reliable source of power, and it can also help you save money and reduce your environmental footprint. But what about the community? How does solar energy help the community around you?

Well, spoiler alert, solar energy can better your local community in several different ways! If you’ve ever wondered how solar energy helps the community, this article will address some of the ways solar power helps people worldwide every day. 

How Does Solar Energy Help the Community?

What Is Community Solar Energy?

A community solar project is any solar panel array that distributes solar energy to multiple homes, businesses, or other groups. These solar panel array systems collect energy off-site and route it to various organizations that pay for the energy they receive.

Large-scale solar panel arrays for communal use are called solar farms or a solar co-op. These types of systems are great because they allow more people to utilize solar energy who otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Aside from making solar energy more accessible, they also bring the attention of solar power to people who may not have had exposure to it before. 

How Does Solar Energy Help the Community? – Job Creation

New forms of technology often create new job opportunities, and the same applies to solar energy. After all, people are needed to engineer, craft, install, and maintain solar panels. 

The U.S. Department of Energy reported that solar energy jobs increased by 5.4% in 2021, and the country added 17,212 solar energy jobs overall. The state of Texas was on the leading edge of this trend, adding 1,610 new jobs in solar energy.

How Does Solar Energy Help the Community? – Grid Security

Natural disasters can happen, and they seem to be growing in frequency with each passing year. Whether it’s a hurricane or a winter storm, natural weather events can compromise the tired and overworked Texas grid

In areas susceptible to hurricanes, like Houston, solar energy is a viable method to ensure your home has the energy it needs. Communities tied into solar-supplied grids are less likely to endure long power outages. A battery backup system in a residential home can store collected solar energy for later use.  

How Does Solar Energy Help the Community? – Reduced Pollution

Solar energy has become the preferred green energy source for several reasons. But first and foremost, solar-powered systems create energy from the sun, a natural and renewable energy source that will not sputter out. Secondly, solar panels don’t emit greenhouse gasses and are one of the most efficient ways to generate energy without increasing the level of pollutants in the air. 

How Does Solar Energy Help the Community?

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