How Are Solar Panels Made?

How are Solar Panels Made?
How Are Solar Panels Made?

Even if you haven’t yet adopted solar energy to power your own home, you have probably seen the huge, black solar panels sitting outside, on top of, or beside businesses and homes in your community. 

Though they are incredibly distinctive, it isn’t immediately clear how solar panels are made from looking at them. What materials are they made of, anyway, and what is the manufacturing process for solar panels? Let’s answer that question for those curious about how solar energy is produced and how solar panels are made. 

How Are Solar Panels Made? – What Are Solar Panels Made Of?

Generally speaking, solar panels are made up of six different components: 

  • Silicon solar cells
  • A frame
  • A glass sheet
  • A 12V wire
  • A bus wire 

Each component combines to create the large black panels you see in front of or on top of businesses and homes. The panels themselves are made up of silicon solar cells, which are the part of the system responsible for directly converting the sun’s light into electricity that can be used to power our homes and businesses. 

The frame surrounding the panel is made of metal to protect it and properly adjust its location. 

Solar cells require a unique chemical makeup in order to convert sunlight into usable energy. A solar panel’s silicon cells contain both P-type and N-type cells, which can conduct electricity when mixed with phosphorus. P-type cells carry a positive charge, while N-type cells carry a negative charge, resulting in the electricity-creating reaction. 

How are solar panels made?

Because solar panels are made up of six individual components, the manufacturing process requires multiple steps. First, manufacturers must make silicon solar cells, which are then welded together to create a solar cell panel that can convert power. 

Different numbers of cells can be soldered together to create various sizes of solar panels; the more cells used, the larger the panel becomes when it is finished. These larger panels can be used for locations with greater energy needs. 

Next, the rest of the solar panel’s structure is added, including the glass sheet and the frame. Finally, the 12V and bus wires are added to a junction box. And thus, a completed, functional solar panel!

How Are Solar Panels Made?- Ready to start using solar power?

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How Are Solar Panels Made?