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Living in Texas the one thing that we can generally count on is the heat, which means that the sun will be out. While the rest of the country talks about snow, we shut down for a light dusting once a year. Unlike Florida and Louisiana we are rather protected from the weather as well, giving us some of the longest hours within the sun in the USA. All of this comes together to make Texas as a whole, but especially Houston a great place for solar energy.

Using natural resources and making the most out of what we are given is an extremely Texas thing to do. From growing rice on flood plains to eating gators that invade waterways, and working hard to extract oil from the ground, Texas is known for making the best out of bad situations. Even the growth of major cities in an area that many people consider too hot to live shows the determination of Texans to use what we can and ensure that our state keeps thriving. Perhaps this is why Houston and the surrounding areas have been experiencing a solar boom, a rush by companies and individuals alike to increase reliance on natural resources and move away from using those we don’t need.

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Growing Solar Companies In Houston Cont.

Many people have cited concerns about aging grids, energy demands, and rolling brown-outs as one of the reasons for switching to solar. This makes sense as a resource is only useful if you can access said resource. It’s impossible for solar panels to have brown-outs as they save
energy in their batteries during plentiful sun periods and slowly discharge it during bad weather. Many people have found that this means a more stable energy flow into their homes.
Many businesses have begun to switch over to solar as well, trying to save money while getting away from rising prices. This shift in demand is good both for companies who will save money, but for individuals who are still connected to the grid and will begin to see less demand.
Diversifying the energy usage for the entire state would allow Texas to keep growing and welcoming in new people from out of state as Texas continues to experience a population boom.

All of this has created an environment where solar companies are in big demand, ensuring that there are both enough to meet the needs of the local population and to ensure that solar growth can continue well into the future. This is good news for the companies that invest their earnings back into the local economy and for customers who will need repair and maintenance work in the future.


Companies that are coming into the Houston area are finding that they have a lot to do if they want to capture the attention of customers. Established businesses such as Sunshine Renewable Solutions are able to leverage their experience and their word of mouth promotion in ways that newer companies aren’t able to do. This means that new companies have to work hard to compete with older companies and to ensure that their customers are satisfied.


The boom has also meant that there are a large number of jobs in the solar industry, demanding that new workers be trained as well as older workers. However, this means thatthere is very little waiting time for solar install even from the older companies, making customer service, price, and skill levels that much more important. If you are looking into solar in the Houston area, make sure that you go with a company that has a proven record and that will work with you, you have too many options to make any other choice.