Group Buying

Sunshine Renewable Solutions is the winner of the Texas Solar Switch in the Houston region. The participants concerned will receive a personal offer from us.

About Group-Buying
Texas Solar Switch is a group buying program for solar panels which uses the collective bargaining power of residents to negotiate lower rates from pre-vetted solar installers through a bidding process. The installer who bids the best price then offers that price to the homeowners who register for the program. We are proud to be the winning installer for this program. The program removes the complexity and uncertainty of shopping for solar panels yourself. Solar panels give you a chance to save on energy bills, increase the value of your home, and produce your own renewable energy.

Hundreds of new homes with solar panels
Jeffrey Shed, the owner of Sunshine, is proud of the outcome: “Sunshine wants to make solar energy accessible to everyone. By being able to offer a discount of more than $7,100 on average in this way, we ensure that hundreds of households can take a step towards sustainable energy.” Texas Solar Switch sets high-quality standards for installers and products. Participating companies are checked for their experience, business operations, customer satisfaction, and financial stability. Multiple cities in the Houston area endorse the program.

You can still participate
Participants have until February 21, 2023, to register for the personal offer. If they accept their personal offer, Sunshine will install a complete solar system by the end of July 1, 2023, at the latest. A federal tax credit of 30% is available in 2023.

If you’ve been interested in putting solar panels on your home, now may be the ideal time to get it done.

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