What Is the Advantage of Ground-Mounted Solar Panels?

ground-mounted solar panels

When you first think of solar panels, what’s the first image that comes to your mind? If your answer was rooftop solar panels, that’s a pretty common response. Most people don’t picture ground-mounted solar panels. In fact, many home or business owners don’t realize how many installation options are available for those interested in using solar power. Here are some basics you should know about solar panels installed on ground level, and why they may be the perfect solution for your energy needs. 

What are Ground-Mounted Solar Panels?

As the name suggests, ground-mounted solar panels are pieces of photovoltaic equipment that are installed on the ground as opposed to on top of a structure, like rooftop solar panels. Just like rooftop solar panels, ground-mounted solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. The key difference is that these solar panels typically power many buildings instead of a particular household. For example, ground-mounted solar panels are commonly seen on solar farms. They can also replace rooftop solar panels when it isn’t suitable or possible for the consumer to use solar panels on top of their structure(s).

Why Might Consumers Choose Ground-Mounted Solar Panels? 

Simply put, consumers invest in ground-mounted solar panels when traditional rooftop solar panels aren’t the best option for their home or energy needs. The same applies to business owners and commercial buildings. Although installation costs of ground-mounted solar panels can be more expensive, ground-mounted solar panels are better for businesses or homes that have higher-than-average energy needs. 

The Benefits

Free-up Roof Space

solar panels on ground level free your roof of any potential installation obstacles or obstructions. For example, your roof may not have the structural integrity to withstand rooftop solar panels. Unlike drilling a hole into your roof, ground-mounted solar panels have fewer installation restrictions since they’re placed on open land. 

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Can Provide Increased Efficiency and Performance 

Ground-mounted solar panels have the potential to be more productive and efficient than rooftop solar panels. This type of solar installation can be placed in open areas free of obstructions and be set at a perfect angle to generate the most efficient UV cultivation. 

Easy Access and Maintenance

Solar panels installed on ground level can be much easier to maintain than rooftop solar panels; they’re typically easy to access for cleaning purposes and are simple to repair by professionals. When it’s easier to inspect/repair solar panels, it reduces the overall cost of maintenance. 

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