Going Solar – It’s More Affordable Than It Was!

going solar

As high gas prices continue to plague the United States, people search for alternative energy sources, like going solar! Clean energy has been increasing in popularity due to its relatively low environmental impact and dependable delivery methods. Solar energy is one of the most popular forms of clean/green energy. Here’s why you should consider going solar and how it’s more accessible than ever. 

How Does Solar Energy Work? 

When a solar panel catches sunlight, it absorbs the UV rays through photovoltaic (PV) cells located in the panel. The absorbed light creates electrical charges that react to an electrical field within the cell. These electrical charges can then be harnessed, converted, and used for electricity in residential or commercial solar installations

Efficiency and Ease of Operation

Most people know solar energy is good for the environment, but what about efficiency? Is solar energy an efficient way to generate energy? The answer to that question is yes! According to the University of Michigan, “researchers have developed PV cells with efficiencies approaching 50%.” 

Most solar panels are tilted in an optimal direction for operation and require minimal maintenance aside from cleaning them a few times per year.

Going Solar – History of Solar Panel Pricing

You may be under the old impression that solar panels are too expensive or only reserved for wealthy conservationists. However, that’s not the case anymore! Like any technology, continuous innovation has led to solar energy being produced at lower prices yearly; this means prices are consistently going down for you, the consumer. 

In a mere decade, the cost of installing a solar energy array has dropped by 62%. If you’ve always wanted a solar panel array for your home or have been interested in going solar, now is the time to invest!

Going Solar – Solar Energy is Becoming More Affordable

There are two main reasons solar energy is cheaper today: the cost of materials and regulation. Today, the materials needed to produce solar panels are cheaper than ever before. Also, the US government has offered tax rebates like the Solar Investment Tax Credit to people installing solar arrays for their homes or businesses. 

The US Department of Energy has also loosened regulations on solar energy permits, inspections, transportation, and other soft costs related to solar energy. These two factors have contributed to making solar energy more affordable for everyday people.

If you live in Texas, you know how much annual sunshine the Lone Star State takes in – the Texas solar market is growing with good reason. Wouldn’t it make sense to harness that energy and utilize it to power your home or business? 

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