Solar Panel Roof Mount in Houston TX

5 Reasons to Go Solar in Houston in 2020

With the sun’s power year-round, going solar is all the rage with home and business owners in Houston, TX right now.  The reasoning is typically centered around economic and environmental motives.  While some are doing it for personal reasons.  No matter what your motivation is, we have listed out some of our favorite reasons to go solar in 2020 Houston!

1. Increase your property value

Everyone wants to increase their property value, for most it their biggest investment.  Installing solar panels on your home or business will increase the value of the property in Houston.  The state of Texas will, also, not raise your property taxes for the increase in property value.  So, a win-win!

2. Tax Incentives

Federal tax incentives for 2020 will provide Texas residence a 26% solar tax credit.  These tax credits will help you reach your breakeven point faster!  Each year the tax credit the federal government will allow will decrease.  So, this year is the highest tax credit.

3. Reduce/Eliminate Electric Bills

Electric bills can be one of the highest utility bills you must pay each month.  Once solar panels are installed in your Houston home or business, your monthly bills will be dramatically reduced to eliminated.  The state of Texas, also, offers net metering.   This means if your solar panel system produces more energy than you use in your home, you can sell it back to the utility company.  Imagine not having an electricity bill or even better the utility company sending you a check!

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4. Feel Good About Consuming Clean Energy

Get all the good feels when you are consuming sustainable clean energy from your solar panel installation.  This one resonates to the core with us because our mission is, “doing good by our community and the environment that sustains it.”  

5. Help Create Local Jobs

We are from Houston and install solar panel systems all over this great city. The more Houstonians that go solar will ensure not only our company but others just like us continue to grow.   So, go solar Houston!

Whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint, eliminate electricity bills, or create more local jobs, going solar in 2020 is your year to do it, Houston.  What’s stopping you?  We offer a complimentary consultation to everyone.  No job is too small or hard.  We invite challenges and look forward to continuing to take Houston solar! 


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