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Sunshine Renewable Solutions is Galveston’s premier solar installation company.  Helping you reach your solar installation goals is our passion, as our mission is to do good for our community and the environment that sustains it.  We do this by offering a turnkey solar panel system solution for your Galveston home or office. Let’s look at the benefits of solar, Texas solar tax credits, and the Sunshine Renewable Solutions turnkey solar solution.

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Benefits of Solar in Galveston?

With energy bills rising and Galveston, TX year-round sunshine, going solar is a good move.  We all hate to look at our electricity bill most of the year in Galveston.  Temperatures are high, and the sun shines all day.  Why not use the sun and decrease your energy bills?  Not only can you reduce/eliminate your bill, but you will also be using the sun’s clean energy.  Are you ready to learn more about installing solar panels in your home or business in Galveston?

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Solar Tax Credits – Galveston, TX

There are solar tax credits to consider when you are researching solar panels for your Galveston home or business. The Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) offers solar investment tax credits to all Galveston homes and offices.  These tax credits assist solar customers in reaching their breakeven point faster.  The ITC provides a 22% tax credit for solar panel systems in 2021.  Also, Congress has passed a multi-year extension for the federal solar investment tax credit.  Below is a breakdown of the ITC.

      • 2021 solar installations will yield a 22% solar tax credit
      • 2022 commercial and utility customers will yield a 10% solar tax credit. While the residential solar installation will not have any additional tax credit.

So, the time is now to act to ensure you receive the 2021 federal tax credit in Galveston.


Galveston Solar Company – The Services Sunshine Renewable Offers

Sunshine Renewable Solutions is a Houston based solar installation company that has done many solar panel installation projects in and around Galveston.  We stand above the rest by offering our clients a turnkey solution for their solar energy needs.  Each step is detailed, and communication throughout the process is our goal.  We start with a free solar consultation.  Here we will assess your solar goals.  We will provide an analysis of solar products and potential savings.  With your goals in mind, we will work with you to develop and design a solar system that will meet/exceed those goals.  Once the project is finalized, we can help with the following as well:


      • Solar Panel System Financing
      • Solar Permitting
      • Solar Panel Installation
      • Solar Panel System Inspection
      • Operations and Maintenance on your solar system
      • Energy Monitoring

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