Energy Independence – The Power Revolution

energy independence

Is energy independence the next great innovation? Innovation isn’t just about making things better or inventing new technological devices; no, innovation is also about shifting perspectives and ways of thinking. Regarding innovation in the energy sector, solar power is opening new doors to self-sufficiency. Soon, more homeowners could be completely energy independent without relying on fossil fuels or the power grid. This article will take a closer look at what energy independence means to homeowners and business owners today.

What it Means

The concept of energy independence has become a controversial issue over the past few years. For one thing, there’s some debate on what it means. What does it mean? The answer to that question varies depending on if you’re referring to a macro or micro concept of energy independence. Let’s examine the idea of macro or large-scale independence.

Large-Scale Energy Independence

Is the United States energy independent? That depends on your definition. In a Forbes article, chemical engineer Robert Rapier discusses the concept of energy independence. He defines macro-scale energy independence as a “country that creates more energy than it uses.”

By that measure, the United States is already there. Our country exports more coal, natural gas, petroleum, and petroleum products than we import, making us net exporters of energy. Here is another measurement of independence; with advances in clean and renewable energy technology, the U.S. should increase its green energy in the coming years. The big question is when America’s energy be completely sustainable with little ecological impact. 

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Small-Scale Energy Independence

One of the first steps to achieving energy independence is to call a residential or commercial solar company. Homeowners who install a solar array have taken the first step on their journey to complete independence. What does energy independence entail on a micro-scale? Living off-the-grid; no reliance on grid energy. Most towns and cities in America operate off of a power grid and require most homes to connect to it. 

But, if you achieve energy independence as a homeowner, your home doesn’t have to rely on the power grid. You could run your home on solar and other renewable energy sources without relying on the municipal power grid and consumable fossil fuels.

Reducing Use of Fossil Fuels

One of the main benefits of using solar energy is that it doesn’t consume fossil fuels or release harmful carbon emissions into the air. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, using solar energy instead of other more environmentally impactful energy sources can have a “positive, indirect effect on the environment.” 

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