Emergency Solar Battery Backup – There When You Need It

emergency solar battery backup

An emergency solar battery backup solution in Texas is essential due to continued concerns about the increasing frequency of power outages. An emergency battery backup system can make a big difference as you wait for the power grid to be restored and life to resume normal. 

Power Outages in Texas

It isn’t only winter freezes that affect the power grid. Extreme heatwaves are causing power outages across central Texas as of May 2022. These May power outages occurred even though the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) expected it and warned communities of the record-breaking heat. Now Texas residents are concerned about the power grid; is it ready for the summer heat? As temperatures rise, so do the demands placed on the power grid.

Houston Power Outages

In Houston, thunderstorms continually leave residents without power. A few significant outages occurred in April and May of 2022. As a result, those living in Houston are concerned about how extreme weather affects access to power. Will it happen again? Is the grid capable of handling these extreme weather fluctuations?

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Extreme Weather Drives Demand for Solar Power –Emergency Solar Battery Backup Systems

Power grids in Texas are notwithstanding extreme weather patterns. Millions of Texans were left without access to electricity for days following the winter storm in 2021 and many other instances in recent years. As urban populations grow across the state, the demand placed on electrical grids will continue to grow. Due to valid concerns surrounding access to reliable power, Texans are looking to solar power for reliable, renewable, and independent power. 

Importance of Solar Energy

Implementing renewable energy sources for homes and businesses allows you to take control of at least part of your energy demands. Saving money on power bills is only one of the many benefits of using solar power; when properly installed and equipped with an emergency solar battery backup system, solar energy can help Texas residents access to power even when the power grid fails. 

Emergency Solar Battery Backup

An Emergency solar battery backup system works with your solar panel system to capture and store unused power so home or business owners can use it at a later point in time, such as when a heatwave knocks out the power grid in Houston. Solar power storage solutions like battery backup options are viable for Texas residents affected by or concerned about future power outages.

Solar power combined with emergency battery backup solutions is a good investment for anyone who lives in areas prone to prolonged power outages. An emergency solar battery backup system can help reduce reliance on inadequate power grids and may even save lives during extreme weather conditions and power outages.

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