El Paso Energy – Top 5 Sunniest Cities in the US

el paso energy

Texas is ideal for solar power, and the American Southwest has the right climate/conditions for great solar performance. El Paso has the distinction of being part of the American Southwest while still being located in Texas. El Paso energy can largely be supplied by solar.

If you’re considering calling some El Paso solar installers and getting started on the path to solar array ownership, this article will illustrate why solar in El Paso is a great sustainable energy option and financially savvy decision. 

El Paso Energy – Policies

State and federal policies could make solar panels cost-effective for you as a homeowner in El Paso. The first policy is the federal solar energy tax credit. If you install solar panels on your home and have earned income, you can write off 26% of the solar panels’ price.

Texas also has a law on the books related to property taxes and solar energy. If you install solar panels on your home, it won’t lead to an increase in property taxes, and this is because solar panels are exempt from your home’s appraisal. 

El Paso Energy – Climate

They call El Paso the Sun City, and for a good reason. It receives 297 sunny days per year, which is well above the national average of 205. The sun’s rays are also strong and consistent in El Paso. From April through October, the average high temperature in El Paso is above 79° Fahrenheit. That abundance of sunlight makes El Paso one of the country’s best cities for solar energy. 

El Paso Energy – Geography

El Paso is located in the Chihuahuan Desert, and it’s surrounded by mountains on three sides, which prevents cloudiness and excessive precipitation. Elevation also plays a major factor in its sunny weather.

El Paso is 3,710 feet above sea level, nearly three-quarters of a mile of elevation; the city has no surrounding geographical obstructions that inhibit the sun’s exposure. 

Since the city is higher in elevation, the UV rays have less atmosphere to travel through, which keeps the UV rays more powerful when they hit solar array PV cells. For the same reason, people living in the mountains are more susceptible to sunburn. In general, elevated cities get stronger sunlight than those at sea level. 

El Paso and Houston solar installers agree that Sun City is the optimal location for solar energy cultivation.

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