DIY Solar Risks – It’s Best To Trust The Professionals

DIY Solar
If you’re thinking about a DIY solar installation, even if you consider yourself a handy person, you should leave solar panel installation to the professionals. Solar panel installation requires the knowledge of well-trained, long-experienced technicians. Working with professional solar installers prevents the risk of solar panel damage, damage to your home, and, most importantly, damage to yourself. In other words, solar panel installation isn’t just another home improvement project to attempt on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Here are just a few reasons you shouldn’t attempt to install DIY solar power kits without consulting experienced professionals. 

DIY Solar – Safety Concerns

The primary reason DIY solar panel installation isn’t recommended is safety concerns. You won’t have the experience or training to know what you’re doing. Without the necessary equipment or knowledge to complete the project, it’s difficult to know if you’re taking every precaution to prevent safety hazards. Installing solar panels requires a person to work at elevated heights, lift heavy equipment, and maybe the most hazardous aspect, install electrical wiring and work with electrical currents. If done incorrectly, it can be extremely dangerous. 

DIY Solar – Complex Directions

It should be emphasized that even professional, well-experienced solar panel installation requires the work of a team. Professionals won’t take as long to complete the project; they have a team of 4-6 team members on-site working 30-40 hours a day. Many people who attempt to DIY solar panels make common mistakes, such as incomplete electrical preparation, leaving junction boxes exposed, and forgetting to measure rooflines – just a few pitfalls DIYs may endure. 

DIY Solar – Improper Installation

Failing to install your solar panels correctly could result in incorrect fittings and faulty connections. Also, trying to power up your solar panels could unintentionally damage the materials. If you’re trying to install solar panels on your own, you need to ensure they’re placed in the perfect position for full operation. 

Potential Damage to Your Home

Incorrectly installed solar panels could lead to horrendous consequences. One of these potential problems includes damage to your home. For example, incorrectly wired electrical work could result in a fire. Also, installing your solar panels on incorrect measurements could lead to major leaks in your roof or even equipment falling through the roof. Between the safety concerns that coincide with potential home damage, it’s best to leave solar panel installation to the professionals. 

Leave it to the Professionals.

We strongly recommend you do not attempt DIY solar panel installation – the risks far outweigh the reward in the case of most homeowners. Instead of worrying about following complex instructions, avoiding safety hazards, and causing severe damage to your home, entrust the experts Sunshine Renewable Solutions is one of the most well-regarded solar companies in Houston. Our team is comprised of experienced, highly-knowledge, certified solar technicians that will design and install a reference-level system for your home or commercial property. The Texas solar market is a rapidly growing sector, so don’t trust any Houston solar installer to provide the best solution – Contact us to learn how we can help you today! 
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