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Sunshine Renewable Solutions is a premier solar panel system installation company for residential and commercial properties in Dallas / Ft Worth, TX.   Headquartered in Houston, TX with offices in all major cities in Texas, the Dallas market was the second market Sunshine Renewable Solutions began installing solar panels. The solar industry in Dallas, TX is growing every day, enabling Dallas / Ft Worth solar residents to save money and produce their own energy.  

From Dallas to Ft Worth and all over the state of Texas, solar panels are becoming the solution for homes and businesses.  With growing environmental concerns and costs on consumers’ minds, Sunshine Renewable Solutions offers a turn-key solution for solar power systems. 


Solar Incentives in Dallas / Fort Worth, TX

The state of Texas offers incentives to go solar.  These incentives will help you reach your break-even point quicker, realizing the benefits of producing your own energy at a faster pace.  Solar incentives that are currently offered by the state of Texas are:

  • Property Tax Exemption
  • Solar rebate programs from utility companies
  • Net Metering from utility companies

With these incentives coupled with the federal solar investment tax credit, solar energy systems are becoming more affordable every day!

Dallas Solar Installer Sunshine Renewable Solutions

Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

Now is the time to go solar.  The United States government has provided a timetable of solar investment tax credits to all residents and businesses.  The purpose of the solar tax credits to help homes and businesses take the leap with help from the government to go solar.  It is the future!  Below you will find the savings you will receive by year. 

  • 2020 will provide consumers a 26% solar tax credit
  • 2021 will provide consumers a 22% solar tax credit
  • 2022 will provide commercial and utility scale consumers a 10% solar tax credit; residential solar will not have a tax credit

Come experience the Sunshine difference with our complimentary solar system consultation for your home or business. 

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Getting Solar Energy in Dallas / Fort Worth, TX

Sunshine Renewable Solutions is here to help Dallas / Fort Worth, TX residents and businesses with their solar needs.  Our satisfied customers have been producing their own energy while helping the environment, take a look at what they have to say! Whether you are new to solar panel systems and would like to know how they work or would like to know more about solar energy return on investment Sunshine Renewable Solutions is here to help you thru this process.  Contact us today