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Conroe is a premier master planned community North of Houston, TX.  It is a growing city for families and executives.  With the weather being much like Houston, a humid subtropical client with sun year-round, adding solar panel systems to your home or business is a viable solution in Conroe.

Why Go Solar in Conroe?

Let’s face it, energy bills are high.  No one likes to see their AC bill in the middle of summer when you live in Conroe.  That energy you are using is not only expensive, but also not clean energy.  When you make the choice to go solar, you are using clean energy.  You are using the sun’s energy and will not leave a carbon footprint by doing so.  In addition, your solar panel system installation has tax incentives from the federal government. Are you ready to learn more about installing solar panels to your home or business in Conroe?

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Solar Panels, Solar Inverters, and Solar Battery Backups

Like most emerging industries, solar products such as solar panels, solar inverters and solar battery backups are constantly improving.  Their efficiency is becoming greater as their design is becoming more aesthetically pleasing.  We are constantly vetting new products and staying on the forefront of advancing technologies.  This way we are confident that we are providing the best-in-class solutions to our solar customers.  You can take a look at the companies we have partnered with for solar panels, solar inverters, and solar battery backups.


The Best Solar Panel Providers:

LG, S-Energy
Mission Solar Energy
Silfab Solar

The Best Solar Inverter Providers:

Solar Edge
Yashawa Solectria Solar


The Best Battery Backup Providers:


Lake Conroe Solar Provider

Solar Installer in Conroe

Sunshine Renewable Solutions is a Houston based solar installation company that has done many solar panel installation projects in Conroe.  Our local solar experts will come to your home or business to answer your solar questions.  Here we can provide an analysis of solar products and potential savings.  This is a no obligation meeting that at the very least you will come out of with more knowledge of your solar options. 

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