Community Solar Installation

Community Solar Installation

Sunshine Renewable Solutions is proud to announce an exciting new initiative we’re calling Community Sunshine. Community Sunshine is an opportunity for you to install solar for your home at a largely discounted rate from our already affordable solar packages by purchasing together with your neighbors. The more people who sign up in your neighborhood, the less fossil fuel burned, and the bigger your savings!

Because our ability to offer discounted group pricing is largely contingent upon factors outside of our control (such as photovoltaic panel pricing), we are only able to offer Community Sunshine packages on a case-by-case basis. If you’re interested in getting your neighborhood in on the action, let’s talk! We’ll be glad to help spread the word to your neighbors and get you the best pricing possible. Just fill out the simple form below to get started.

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*Optional: Please attach a PDF or image file of your previous energy bill(s) above so we may more accurately calculate both the optimal solar array size and targeted cost offset, relative to your consumption. We are able to provide the most accurate forecast when given the most recent 12 electricity bills.

Your privacy is important to us. Contact info collected here is used exclusively for the purpose of making solar a reality for you. Sunshine Renewable Solutions does not sell any customer data to third parties.