Commercial Solar Panel Systems for your Business

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Commercial Solar Panel Systems for your Business

Have you thought about installing solar panel systems for your business?  Commercial solar panel systems can be very beneficial for your business.  These benefits can range from reducing operating costs to decreasing your carbon footprint, as well as the ability to promote green branding.  In addition, these solar systems come in many shapes and forms. Let’s take a look at the benefits and types of solar panels systems for your business.

Benefits of Commercial Solar Panel Systems

There are four main benefits your business can benefit from installing solar panels. 

  1. Reduce Operating Costs – The installation of solar panels for commercial projects can help reduce operating costs. The reduction of monthly energy bills can ultimately zero out of electricity consumption.  The ability to have a fixed price will help your business’ ability to predict cash flows. 
  2. Reduce Carbon Footprint – Solar panel systems for your business can decrease your companies carbon footprint. Solar energy makes a positive impact on the environment as it produces clean, emission-free energy. 
  3. Promoting Green Branding – Investing in solar energy with solar panel systems is a great way to support your green initiatives. Solar energy shows corporate responsibility and your business’s commitment to the people and communities you are serving.  This will help promote positive PR and marketing efforts.
  4. Low Maintenance – Solar energy systems for your business will provide you with little maintenance needs. Our solar panel partners offer 15-25-year warranties on parts and installation, which will help save money on any necessary repair costs.

Types of Solar Panel Systems for your Business

Commercial solar panel systems come in many shapes and forms.  Solar installation companies are able to work with most kinds of commercial property to install the solar system that will work best for your business.  Here are the types of solar panel systems to consider:


  1. Flat roof Solar Panel Installation– When your business has a flat roof, you can choose to have your solar panels attached, ballasted, or a hybrid of the two. Which option that you choose will depend on a few variables.  
  2. Slanted roof Solar Panel Installation– Commercial properties with slanted roofs can install solar panels. Slanted roofs can be composed of metal, composition shingle, wood shingle, and even Spanish tile. 
  3. Carports Solar Panel Installation – For business owners that roof mounting is not an option and has a large parking area, carports are a simple way to generate solar power.
  4. Ground Mount Solar Panel Installation – If your commercial property’s rooftop is not suitable for solar panels, ground mounting is another excellent option. There are two types of ground mounts, standard, and pole mounts.

As you can see, commercial solar panel systems can have many benefits for your business.  Sunshine Renewable Solutions offers a turnkey solar panels system installation for commercial properties in Texas.  We are headquartered in Houston, TX, but provide local solar offices in all major cities in Texas.  Contact us today to discuss your commercial solar project.