Sourcing the Best Commercial Solar Contractors: Key Characteristics to Look for

commercial solar contractors

Hey there, fellow solar enthusiasts. Today, we’re diving into the world of commercial solar and how to find the best of the bunch. Let’s face it, picking one of many commercial solar contractors to handle your solar project in Houston is like choosing the perfect sidekick – it’s gotta be top-notch! 

So, let’s explore the key qualities that separate the solar heroes from the solar zeros.

The Best Commercial Solar Contractors: Have a Stellar Portfolio and Track Record

First things first, we need a solar contractor with an extensive portfolio and track record. These professionals should have conquered a diverse range of commercial solar installations, completing projects in various industries and facility types. Check out their client testimonials and references to get an idea – it’s like getting reviews from satisfied customers.

Our solar champion needs to be a master of both worlds – having local expertise and national experience! Think of it like, having the agility to navigate through local regulations to get the necessary permits, and the skill to handle projects across multiple states.

A solar installer with roots in your local municipality will be privy to the grants and rebates available in your area, making the project execution smooth. And when they’ve spread their wings nationwide, you can be sure they’ve got the best organizational and project management skills.

The Best Commercial Solar Contractors: Have Up-to-Date Certifications

A top-notch solar contractor comes equipped with all the right certifications and licenses. Look out for the stamp of approval from recognized organizations like the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). These badges show that they’ve got the expertise and stick to industry standards like glue.

And let’s not forget about their team of technicians and engineers – they should have their own set of certifications too.

Post-Installation Heroes

Our solar contractor should be a true partner, not just a one hit wonder. They’ve got to offer essential post-installation services like solar service contracts and solar panel cleaning contracts – Service contracts swoop in to cover routine maintenance and repairs, making sure any hiccups get sorted out ASAP. And with panel cleaning contracts, they’ll keep those solar panels sparkling clean, maintaining their efficiency.

Remember, businesses lose big bucks with a solar system that underperforms – that’s why we need our solar contractor to be a rock-solid, reliable sidekick, making sure your investment pays off in spades.

If you are considering the switch to solar and are in the Houston area, contact us today. We have extended experience with commercial solar projects and residential solar projects. We have a level of expertise that puts us amongst the best solar companies in Texas!