Commercial Rooftop Solar, Is It The Only Option?

commercial rooftop solar

Regarding commercial solar panel installations, rooftop solar is the most common option. However, it’s good to recognize that other choices are available for businesses embracing solar energy. 

In addition to commercial rooftop solar installations, properties can explore other options, such as ground-mounted solar arrays or solar carports. This article sheds light on the possibilities beyond rooftop solar, highlighting the benefits and considerations associated with each approach. Enjoy. 

The Popularity of Commercial Rooftop Solar

Rooftop solar is the most popular in the commercial sector for several reasons. Firstly, it maximizes the use of available space, particularly for buildings with limited ground area. Rooftop installations offer the advantage of utilizing under-utilized space, reducing the need for additional land acquisition. Moreover, rooftop solar arrays are often more accessible for installation, with fewer regulatory and permitting hurdles than ground-mounted arrays, depending on the municipality. 

Benefits of Ground-Mounted Solar Arrays

Ground-mounted solar arrays provide an alternative to rooftop installations, offering a space-saving/logistical benefits. These systems are installed on the ground rather than the roof, using open land areas near commercial buildings. This option is particularly advantageous for properties with large expanses of available land. You’ll usually see ground-mounted arrays in commercial spaces removed from dense city-like developments. 

For example, it may be cheaper and easier to install ground-mounted panels on an unused plot of land next to a 3-story building than working with the confined space on top of the building, not to mention the ability to have more square footage for the panels if the rooftop is small. 

Additionally, ground-mounted solar arrays can offer easier access for maintenance and cleaning compared to rooftop installations, simplifying upkeep and ensuring optimal system performance. They also provide more flexibility regarding system design and scalability, allowing for future expansion if energy demands increase.

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Exploring Solar Carports

An alternative to rooftop solar is the installation of solar carports. These structures, typically placed in parking lots or open spaces, provide shade for vehicles while generating clean energy. Solar carports offer several advantages, including additional covered parking spaces, protection from harsh weather, and visually appealing designs, not to mention they can help offset electricity costs for businesses with large parking lots.

Commercial Rooftop Solar – Considerations for Alternative Solar Installations

While commercial rooftop solar remains the dominant choice, it is important to recognize that alternative options.Each installation type has its unique benefits and considerations, and the suitability depends on the commercial property’s specific requirements and available resources. 

Consulting with top commercial solar companies will help businesses navigate the options and determine the most appropriate strategy to maximize their investment. 

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