Commercial Energy Savings

commercial energy savings

Solar energy is a great sustainable energy option for the future, and it’s making headway among residential and commercial property owners today. Large-scale commercial energy savings have incentivized big companies to make the switch to solar. Several publicly listed major corporations are utilizing solar power to complement their existing energy arrays, including Walmart, Target, Apple, Amazon, and Google. 

In fact, over 1% of commercial energy needs are satisfied by on-site solar arrays. If you own a business in southeast Texas, you should consider contacting one of the top solar companies in Houston. But, before you touch base with a Houston solar installer, learn about some of the commercial energy savings and opportunities with solar power. 

How Commercial Differs from Residential Solar Energy

The main differences between commercial solar energy and residential energy are scope and size. The scope of a commercial project is different because you’ll need much more energy to power a commercial building than a residential one. A family home may have anywhere from 3-10 people, while a business may house hundreds. As such, the size of the commercial array must be larger; this will be possible because, typically, a large commercial building will have much more functional roof space than a residential home.

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Commercial Energy SavingsHow Your Business Can Save

Commercial solar panels are larger than residential solar panels. And for this reason, they can be about 2% more efficient than residential solar panels. At the same time, this might not seem like much if you consider the size of a commercial solar panel array; however it adds up quickly!

There are several ways your business can save money using solar panels, including decreased energy costs, increased system reliability, enhanced efficiency, and the ability to sell energy back to the grid. You can also save money by taking advantage of some state and federal tax credits that make solar energy cost-effective.   

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Commercial Energy Savings – State and Federal Tax Incentives

As of now, you can receive a 26% federal tax credit on the cost of installing your solar panel array. This credit applies to commercial properties outfitted with solar arrays by the end of the calendar year 2022, and that figure drops to 22% in 2023 and falls to 10% in 2024. Thus, the time to call a commercial solar company in Houston is now! 

Unfortunately, Texas doesn’t offer statewide tax credits for solar energy installation; each municipality will offer its own incentives. But, on the plus side, there are a few rebate offers regarding net metering, which allows solar energy users to store the energy from their solar panels for later use. 

Net metering also ensures that solar energy users are credited for the energy that their solar panels create. Solar panel users are only charged for the “net energy” they consume, allowing them to save money with solar energy throughout the entire year. 

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