Clear Lake Texas Solar Installer

Clear Lake Solar Installer

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Clear Lake, TX located south east of Houston, TX is a master planned community that is comprised of various neighborhoods.  With population over 45,000 and is home to things such as Space Center Houston, this Bay Area community is a great place to live. It is also a great place to utilize solar energy.  The sun shines year-round in Clear Lake and with so many neighborhoods, residential solar installation is just what your Clear Lake neighborhood needs.

Why Go, Solar?

Solar energy is a clean energy.  It is the most abundant energy source on the planet that won’t leave a carbon footprint on the Earth.  Even the federal government agrees and is giving tax incentives if you install solar panels on your home.  Furthermore, you will reduce or eliminate your eclectic bill.  As you know this can be one of the highest utility bills you pay each month.  Once solar panels are installed, your bill can be dramatically reduced or eliminated.  You can even net meter in the state of Texas.  This means if your solar panels produce more energy than you use in your home, you can sell it back to the utility company.  Sounds fantastic right?!

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Clear Lake TX Solar Installation

How Does Solar Work?

Solar panels work with the sun, which Clear Lake has plenty of sun. That sunlight is captured in solar panels and converted into usable energy.  The solar panels have what is called a direct current electricity.  The direct current electricity is funneled into the solar inverter.  The solar inverter is then converting the direct current electricity into usable electricity. The usable electricity is called alternating current electricity.  

Clear Lake TX Solar Installer

Solar Products

Like most technology, solar panels are constantly improving.  These technological improvements are making the panels more efficient, less weight, and better designed.  Staying on the forefront of this information is imperative to make sure you are receiving the best solution for your solar installation.  Working with a licensed solar panel installation company, you will have access to the latest products as they have already done all the research and have partnered with only the best options.

Here are the solar products we have partnered with for solar panels, solar inverters, and battery backups.

Solar Panels companies we have partnered with are the following:

Mission Solar Energy
Silfab Solar

Solar inverter companies we have partnered with are the following:

Solar Edge
Yashawa Solectria Solar 

Solar battery backup companies we have partnered with are the following:


Sunshine Renewable Solutions is a Houston based solar installation company that has done many solar panel installation projects in Clear Lake.  SRS offers a turnkey solution for taking your Clear Lake home solar, starting with a free consultation.  We will do a deep dive with your goals and provide you with all the information so you can make an informed decision on going solar. 

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