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Canadian Solar was established in 2001 with the mission to “to foster sustainable development and to create a better and cleaner earth for future generations by bringing electricity powered by the sun to millions of people worldwide.” They have grown to become one of the largest energy solutions providers and solar power plant developers from their beginning.  Canadian Solar holds multiple awards for their excellence in the solar industry as well as world records.  Their solar energy R&D is second to none, having more than 2400 patent applications and over 1500 authorized patents worldwide.  In addition to being responsible for solar power growth, they lead the way in the reduction of water usage and wastewater as well as CO2 emissions in the manufacturing process.

Canadian Solar produces a wide variety of standard solar panels, ranging from 3W to over 500 W in power and using multi-crystalline and mono-crystalline cells in several different design patterns, including shingled cells.

Their mainstream solar panels include the following.

  • High power HiKu CS3W (144 half-cells)
  • HiKu CS 3L (120 half-cells)
  • BiHiKu CS3W-PB/MB-AG (144 half-cells, bifacial)
  • HiDM CS1H (60 format, shingled cells)
  • high-efficiency CS3K (120 half-cells)
  • CS3U (144 half-cells)
  • KuDymond CS3U-P/ MS-AG (144 half-cells, double-glass)
  • CS3K-P/MS-AG (120 half-cells, double-glass)
  • BiKu CS3U-PB/MB-AG (144 half-cells, bifacial)
  • CS3K-PB/MB-AG (120 half-cells, bifacial) modules
Canadian Solar Panels

In 2020, they launched the super-high-power Series 5 and Series 6 PV modules. These new modules will join the HiKu, BiHiKu, and HiDM portfolios, expanding the range of high-power, high-efficiency mono facial and bifacial solar modules. These new products incorporate Canadian Solar’s proprietary and record-breaking cell technology, as well as the latest cutting-edge module designs, reflecting Canadian Solar’s commitment to excellence, research, and development of competitive and clean solar solutions. They can offer super-high-power classes of up to 590 W and module efficiency of up to 21.3%. They can generate up to 2.7% higher energy yield over the module lifetime, reduce the BOS (balance of system) cost by up to 5.6%, and reduce the LCOE by up to 4.5%, offering excellent value for large-scale installations.

While Canadian Solar leads the way for best in class solar panels, they are known for their solar string inverts.  They have three options for string inverters, utility, commercial, residential.  The utility string inverter is a three-phase inverter.  Its power is 125kW with max efficiency of 99.1%.  The commercial three-phase string invert has 20-60kW of power with max efficiency up to 99%.  Furthermore, the residential single-phase string inverter has 0.7-10kW of power with max efficiency up to 98.1%. 

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Canadian Solar Company

Canadian Solar

CandianSolar has many best in class solutions for your solar panel and solar inverter needs. Ready to learn more?  Sunshine Renewable Solutions is an authorized CandianSolar installer in Texas.  Headquartered in Houston, TX, with local offices across the great state of Texas, we are your CandianSolar experts.  Let Sunshine Renewable guide you through the entire process.  We offer free solar consultations.  During this time, we will walk you through our turnkey process and answer all of your questions.  Contact us today!

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