Can You Put Solar Panels On A Metal Roof!?

can you put solar panels on a metal roof

We get asked this question by clients quite often, “can you put solar panels on a metal roof?” Anyone involved in the solar industry knows the answer is a resounding yes. Still, for people unfamiliar with the ins and outs of solar, we understand how you may be concerned about whether or not solar companies in Texas can install solar panels on a metal roof.

If your home or commercial space has a metal roof, but you want to invest in a solar energy cultivation system, there are different solutions to complete the process, depending on the type of metal roof. Some homeowners with metal roofs choose not to install solar panels for fear of drilled holes that lead to inconvenient leaks. However, if you understand the options with your solar installer, you may be surprised by how non-invasive the process can be, depending on the style of the metal roof. 

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Solar Panels on Metal Roofs

Solar panels are indeed capable of being installed on metal roofs. However, many homeowners worry about ceiling leaks because certain solar panels need to be drilled into the roof. These are understandable concerns, but other alternatives allow your solar panels to be mounted instead of drilling them into your roof. When installed correctly, solar panels on metal roofs are durable, sustainable, and just as effective at cultivating energy as they would be on any other roof.

Can You Put Solar Panels on A Metal Roof? – Types of Metal Roofs and Mounting Solutions

  • Metal Tile Roofs

Metal tile roofs can utilize non-penetrating metal tile mounts for solar panels; these mounts are shaped and structured like metal roof tiles; they blend in beautifully and easily overlap with the existing metal tile. The installation process is relatively simple for professionals and allows the mounts to match your roof. When installed correctly, they are water-resistant and durable. 

  • Corrugated Metal Roofs

For corrugated metal roofs, professionals cannot install solar panels without drilling holes into the roof. However, installation options still don’t result in excessive holes, and when done properly, water damage is not a risk. Corrugated metal roofs are most commonly seen on commercial properties, hangers, and warehouses, which is why commercial solar companies are prepared to work with them. 

Straddle blocks and S-5 (penetrating) brackets allow the solar panels to sit on top of the roof’s ridges, elevating panels and securing them into the metal roof itself. With proper sealant techniques, property owners can rest easy that leaks will not be a problem. Overall, this is the only metal roof solar installation that requires holes to be drilled into the roof. 

  • Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Several manufacturers offer mounting solutions for metal roofs with standing seams. An installer can use a mounting system with S-5 (non-penetrating) seam clamps to attach the solar panels to your roof’s seams, allowing your solar panels to be properly installed without the need for any drilling. Standing Seam metal roofs are common for residential properties, and the installation is generally less expensive and takes less time to install since there won’t be drilling. 

Can You Put Solar Panels On A Metal Roof? – Sunshine Renewable Solutions 

Can you put solar panels on a metal roof? The answer is a resounding yes! At Sunshine Renewable Solutions, we understand that there’s a lot to learn about solar installation in Texas. As one of the premier solar companies in Houston, we have plenty of experience with all types of solar installation needs, including metal roofs. We pride ourselves on being one of the industry leaders in the growing Texas solar market, and we’re to help you understand every part of the process.

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