Benefits of having a solar panel battery backup for hurricane season

Showing the benefits of having a solar Benefits of having a solar panel battery backup for hurricane season

A solar energy system provides much more than electricity to its owner—it also provides energy independence, a dramatic reduction in carbon footprint and a potential tax-free appreciation of property value. Solar for homes and businesses is now more affordable and practical than ever before. Solar tax credits, zero-down financing and robust equipment warranties make going solar not only a lucrative financial investment, but also a safe one. Our solar energy systems are built to last for 25+ years and often start saving customers money from day one.

The moment we power your system on will mark the end of your retail energy provider’s ability to control how much you pay for electricity, as you will be producing your own electricity right at home. All the while, you’ll be able to monitor your solar energy production with an easy-to-use monitoring system that is included with installation. 

Unfortunately, Texas residents have learned to live with near-constant threats to the functionality of our electric grid. High temperatures and humidity result in record-breaking demand every summer, which often lead to brownouts and outages that can be very disruptive. 

Severe thunderstorms and hurricanes pose threats of damage to our power lines and transformers from wind, lightning, and flooding. Solar panel battery-backup systems offer resilience in the face of these threats. They are also a perfect pairing to a solar energy system because they can be charged by the clean solar power that the system produces, and they can be included in the solar loan often used to purchase the system. 

More benefits of having a solar panel battery backup for hurricane season

Sunshine Renewable Solutions are certified installers of battery backup systems from many of the most highly regarded battery manufacturers in the world—including Tesla, Sonnen Batteries, and LG Chem. These intelligent devices can sense your electricity-consumption patterns and help you avoid peak demand charges, all while keeping enough power in reserve to get you through the night or the next grid outage. Unlike generators, batteries are low-maintenance, smart appliances. No oil changes necessary, no need for extra gasoline reserves, and they can even be hung on interior walls in an effort to reduce degradation from environmental factors and mitigate any risk of flood damage. 

Not all battery backups are created equal, so finding the best battery for you is necessary.  Because the consumption of each home and business is unique, designing a battery-backup solution requires a thorough assessment of all loads and circuits on site. Sunshine Renewable Solutions are expert in this process, and in delivering custom-fitted solutions to meet the backup requirements of virtually any application, with both backup goals and budget in mind. 

These are just a few of the benefits of having a solar panel battery backup. The benefits can be endless and if you are wanting to learn more about the benefits of having a solar panel battery backup. Please contact one of our sales specialists and they would be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

Are you ready to add a battery backup to your solar energy system before hurricane season gets underway?  We offer complimentary on-site consultations to discuss your battery backup project.  Then our sales, procurement, and engineering teams will collaborate on crafting the right solution for your needs. 

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