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Sunshine Renewable Solutions is Austin, Texas’ premier solar panel installation company. Installing residential and commercial solar panels in Austin, TX, they have positioned themselves as a top solar panel installation company.  Sunshine Renewable Solutions is headquartered out of Houston, TX but operates in all major cities in Texas.  Their turn-key solution has produced many happy solar customers because they only use the best solar equipment and hire the most knowledge installers to afford you the best possible solar energy solution for your solar needs. 

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Solar Energy Incentive and Rebates in Austin, Texas

Solar energy in Austin has significant rebates and incentives that can help residents save money while reaping all the benefits of solar power.  Here are a few that can be applied to Austin residence:

  1. Texas solar rebate programs – The state of Texas does not offer any solar tax credits, but many energy companies are offering incentives.
  2. Renewable energy systems property tax exemption – Adding solar panels to your home will increase the value but your property taxes will not go up.
  3. Texas net metering- Receive credits on your electric bill for energy you don’t use.
  4. Solar rights law- Texas does not allow HOAs to ban solar panels on your home.
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Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

In addition to rebates and incentives at the state level, the federal government offers solar investment tax credit (ITC)  This tax credit applies to all residents and businesses.  These tax credits will help you reach your breakeven point faster, making you independent of soaring energy costs.  The ITC offers a 30% tax credit for solar systems.  Congress has passed a multi-year extension for the solar investment tax credit. 

  • 2020 will provide consumers a 26% solar tax credit
  • 2021 will provide consumers a 22% solar tax credit
  • 2022 will provide commercial and utility scale consumers a 10% solar tax credit; residential solar will not have a tax credit

Sunshine Renewable Solutions is headquartered in Houston, TX but we have solar panel installation offices across Texas.  Currently we are operating in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Amarillo and El Paso

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Solar Energy Equipment Supplier in Austin, TX

Are you thinking about going solar with your home or business? Sunshine Renewable Solutions is the premier Austin solar panel installation company. Our turn-key solar panel installation solutions have been installed in all major cities in Texas including Amarillo and Dallas.  With a wide selection of solar panels to choose from, Sunshine Renewable will step you thru choosing the right solar energy equipment for the job.  Browse thru our prior work to see the endless possibilities!

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