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Have you found your self looking for a local Amarillo solar installer? Sunshine is bright in Amarillo, TX!  Let’s make use of this resource by adding solar panels to your residence or business.  These solar panels will take the sunshine and turn it into electricity that will power your home or business and even allow you to sell it back to the electric company.

Sunshine Renewable Solutions is Amarillo’s turn-key solar panel systems installation company.  We take a turn-key approach to solar panel installation so you can sit back and relax knowing we will handle this process from start to finish.  We begin this process with a complimentary solar panel installation consultation.  This is where we will find out what your goals are with the solar energy system and define the project at hand.  When the solar consultation is complete, we will formulate a solar panel installation plan, including a financial and system development plan. 

Sunshine Renewable Solutions is your local Amarillo solar installer

There are many solar energy financial assistant programs that the state of Texas and government offer.

The solar incentives currently in Amarillo, TX are:

  • Property Tax Exemption
  • Solar rebate programs from utility companies
  • Net Metering from utility companies

Making use of these solar energy incentives will help make solar energy systems more affordable.


In addition to solar energy incentives offered in Amarillo, the federal government offers what is called federal solar investment tax credit (ITC).

They are as follows:

  • 2020 will provide consumers a 26% solar tax credit
  • 2021 will provide consumers a 22% solar tax credit
  • 2022 will provide commercial and utility scale consumers a 10% solar tax credit; residential solar will not have a tax credit

After solar financing options are reviewed, Sunshine Renewable Solutions will design the picture-perfect solar energy system with our engineers for your home or business.   From there we will permit the solar project, install the solar panels, inspect the entire solar energy system then begin to monitor it.  Monitoring your system is important to ensure it is running at an optimal level to realize the full financial benefit.  Let’s get started Amarillo

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Solar Panel Installation in Amarillo, TX

Sunshine Renewable Solutions, headquartered in Houston, TX, has local offices in Amarillo, TX.  Whether the solar project is for your home in Amarillo or for your business in Amarillo, we are here for you.  Our team of knowledgeable experts are here to answer any and all questions you have about solar panels and the installation process. We offer complimentary consultations in Amarillo to accomplish this first step. Let us help you go solar Amarillo!

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