4 Skills Solar Panel Installers Must Have

solar panel installers

Solar Panel Installers

As new technology is developed, new types of skilled workers are needed to install it; this is true in many technological sectors, but especially in the realm of solar energy. 

Solar panels are becoming more common every year. Homeowners and commercial property owners alike have discovered the financial and environmental incentives to install/use solar power. 

If you’d like them installed on your property, it would help to know what differentiates a skilled solar panel installer from a non-specialist.  Here are four skills sets that set great solar panel installers against the rest. 

Solar Panel Installers Must Be Tech Savvy

Solar panels are still a relatively new technology (commercial use began around 30-35 years ago). All those employed by national or local solar companies need to be aware of the newest and latest solar panel tech developments; this means keeping up with the news and staying up to date on all the ins and outs of the new updates in solar panel technology. An inquisitive solar panel technician will be curious and continue to learn throughout their employment. 

Solar Panel Installers Must Be Environmentally Conscious

One of the main reasons solar panels are becoming more popular is their positive impact on the environment. Solar panels create sustainable energy for home use, and solar energy is a renewable energy source that doesn’t emit harmful greenhouse gasses. A trustworthy solar panel installer should be able to understand and explain to potential customers why solar panels are beneficial to the environment and how they’re superior to other forms of traditional energy.

Solar Panel Installers Must Have Electrical Knowledge

Solar panel arrays are complex electrical systems. Because of this, all solar panel installers must have extensive training, knowledge, and experience with solar panel systems and electrical wiring. 

This can include classes at local community colleges or technical schools and apprenticeship programs where solar installers work with other, more experienced industry experts. By being an apprentice, a solar panel installer can better understand how to perform the job. 

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Excellent Communication Skills

Communication is important in any profession, especially so in solar panel installation; this is because there are several different parties involved in any solar panel project, including:

  • The client
  • The solar supplier
  • The installation team
  • The government/local municipality regulators

Frequent and clear communication is the best way to ensure that nothing gets lost in translation and that everyone knows what’s going on and is ultimately satisfied with the end product. 

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