3 Benefits of Solar Power Homeowners Didn’t Expect

benefits of solar power

Not all the benefits of solar power are truly realized until homeowners install a system for themselves. Switching to solar comes with some less apparent advantages that may not be immediately recognizable before owning and operating a solar array system.

This article will review some of the benefits you might notice after a few months of using your solar panels to power your home. 

1. The Big Savings

You’ll never realize how much you can save on energy bills until you’ve decided to get off the Texas grid (or any grid) and enjoy the benefits of solar power yourself. Even so, statistics show how making this environmentally-friendly change can also be friendly for your wallet. Some larger homes save over $2,200 on power bills each month after switching to solar from the grid.

Not only will switching to solar help you save money on your power bills, but you might also be able to take advantage of Texas solar incentives, such as selling extra energy back to the grid through net metering!

In 2021, 46% of all new electric capacity added to the grid came from solar. Thus, your power company will likely be eager to tap into your supply if you have extra energy. Homeowners may also be able to receive tax credits for implementing solar, depending on their location. 

2. Enjoying Making a Positive Environmental Impact

Solar-powered systems get their fuel from the sun, a clean, renewable energy source. Compare this to fossil fuels, which contribute to climate change at alarming rates. Most people know that switching to solar is good for your wallet and the environment. However, you might not have expected that tracking your reduced emissions is easy and fun. 

More specifically, you can receive reports from your system providing metrics about how much energy you’ve saved and what your sustainability efforts have equated to; this will give you a clearer picture of how the changes you’ve made as an individual will positively impact the world.

3. Inspiring Others to Adopt Solar

When you install solar panels, you’ll never know whose eye your solar setup will catch, inspiring them to do the same. When people see others implementing solar power in their homes, it fosters their curiosity and encourages them to consider doing the same. 

We’ve had many satisfied homeowners share the benefits of solar power with their neighbors, who call us the next day! The positive benefits of solar power are infectious, and we’re so happy to see more people in Texas taking part in the solar revolution. 

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