3 Benefits of Solar-Produced Battery Energy Storage

Battery Energy Storage

Solar-produced battery energy storage has become an increasingly popular solution for residential and commercial applications as the world continues to move towards renewable energy sources. It’s an exciting revelation for homeowners when they understand that they can stop being grid-dependent and have energy in reserve!

Solar-produced battery energy storage provides several benefits for homeowners and businesses, including energy cost savings, a reduction in carbon footprint, and increased energy independence. 

This article will explore the three significant benefits of solar-produced battery energy storage.

Benefits of Solar-Produced Battery Energy Storage

Below are the three significant benefits of using solar-produced battery energy storage:

  • Cost Savings

The most apparent benefit of solar-produced battery energy storage is the money you can save. Solar-generated electricity and battery storage systems can be up to 60% cheaper annually than a typical utility rate for a pre-assembled system, even after the installation cost is factored in. In addition to your monthly electric bill, you will also experience savings on your operating expenses. 

    • Potential Incentives and Tax Rebates:

While the upfront cost of installing a solar-produced battery energy storage system may be more than a DIY system, you may be eligible for incentives and tax credits to offset some or all of the costs. 

For example, in California, the state offers solar-system owners a tax credit of $500 per kilowatt installed up to 2 kilowatts. Additionally, many states offer financial incentives to homes and businesses that install solar panels. Click the link to learn more about solar tax credits.

  • Contribution to Cleaner Energy Use

Solar-produced battery energy storage is a contributing factor toward more sustainable energy use. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), fossil fuel power generation accounts for more than one-third of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, making it a significant contributor to climate change. At the same time, solar energy is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Increased Energy Independence:

Solar-produced battery energy storage is also vital to achieving energy independence because the sun has no fuel costs and provides unlimited clean and renewable electricity for anyone to access. 

Solar power and battery storage can reduce your dependence on utility companies and fossil fuel suppliers. You won’t need to rely on the unreliable and overused Texas power grid for uninterrupted power. 

    • Self-Sustaining Energy Consumption

Solar-produced battery energy storage enables you to produce electricity and store it for your own use. Believe us when we say you’ll get the same level of satisfaction as if you’re eating vegetables you’ve grown in your own garden.

    • Energy for Emergencies

Nothing is more valuable than having a backup power source ready during hazardous weather – providing backup in an emergency. For example, if a hurricane or blizzard knocks out the power, your home will still have electricity thanks to solar-produced battery storage. 

Learn more about hurricane season in Texas and the importance of backup energy storage. 

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